We Remember

From Justyna Frankiewicz-Popiołek


“This is the picture of Uncle Ted holding the hand of my not even a year old daughter Gabi- a HD star from BBS video...The picture was taken in 2007, during a TT trip to Mini Israel. Gabi- initially scared a bit, fell in love with Uncle Ted and they were inseparable during this trip. Since then, Gabi met Ted regularly, so did Emi, our younger daughter. Both girls and us will always remember him as big, soft, funny guy who would hold them on his lap and tickle. We have tons of other pictures but they are at home and we will be in Poland in August, then we can send more. The attached picture was Ted's column photo in the Newsletter, too. “



Justyna Frankiewicz-Popiołek- Helen Doron Teacher Trainer

Pulawy, Poland