We Remember

From Elle Titley

“I only met him briefly, (April 2013) but as a fellow British citizen far from home, I was immediately drawn to his wonderful sense of humour and rich voice.

 On  couple of trips he regaled us with stories of the HD business in its early years, and Helen's sheer hard work and determination to get everything off the ground. When asking him about his obvious vocal training and his history in the company, he asked me if I wanted to get out of the car...


He also told us that Helen was a stickler when it came to his diet - he knew he was overweight and that his health wasn't fantastic. He told us that several times Helen had gone over to clear all of the unhealthy food from his fridge and cupboards. Being British, he did enjoy a good bit of cheese every now and then. However, it is well known that anyone with sky-high blood pressure combined with a generous girth (as he had) should probably not be eating cheese, and so, in an endeavour to save said cheese from ending up in the bin - due to Helen's obvious care for his health - he hid it in a tub in the freezer. Helen came, cleared and went without ever finding the secret stash. Successfully, Ted continued to hide cheese in the freezer each time he came over from the UK, and he asked us not to tell Helen where his secret stash was....”


Elle Titley - HDEE Korea

Dongtan, South Korea